about webers

"Light, whether natural or artificial, is a valuable resource and it affects all life on our planet. It is more than just a source of vitamin D for us humans"

WEBERS LED came into being with a vision to develop more responsible lighting and provide high efficiency LED luminaries at affordable prices. Through our products we make a significant impact on human concentration, productivity and change the overall feeling of health and well-being with just the flick of a switch.

Our exclusive technical and design facilities have given us the ability to develop aesthetically and functionally superior products at very competitive prices. Our products have gained acceptance in New Zealand, Australia & Europe, a proof of our stringent quality control achieving international quality levels. Our aesthetics and high light output differentiate us from an otherwise cookie cutter market. Our products use high quality LED chips for very high lumen output for a given wattage. Our drivers have been specifically designed to last India’s brutal voltage fluctuations resulting in minimal driver failures and replacements. It is this approach that has allowed us to create a market for ourselves in an otherwise very crowded segment.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility set-up at Delhi & Noida, caters to India’s growing power and light demands. Our in-house research and development centre and design department combined with its unmatched technical knowledge allow WEBERS LED to continuously define new trends in lighting. The company’s end-to-end approach; from idea to implementation and service, its wide network of partners and flexibility give WEBERS LED the unparalleled opportunity to realize virtually any lighting vision.